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This blog is for those who have interest in lifestyle, travelling and discovering beautiful places through illustrations. Every illustration describes a different place that makes a great visitor attraction or place to see. I also illustrate other content and license some of my illustrations.

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  • Parliament House, Reykjavik
    This is another illustration about the parliament house in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is situated in Austurvöllur square. It’s garden is the oldest public garden in Iceland. The building itself has…More
  • Copenhagen City Hall
    This is another illustration about Copenhagen city hall in Denmark otherwise in Danish, København Rådhus. This is a beautiful visitor site and it was built by Martin Nyrop the ‘Gaudy’…More
  • Warsaw
    This is an illustration about the palace of culture and science in Warsaw Poland. This was built in 1955 and there you can find cinemas, theatres, libraries, sports centres, university…More
  • Inverness Castle
    Another illustration this time Inverness Castle in Scotland! A little more about this castle. Inverness castle is situated in Inverness Scotland overlooking the highest point of River Ness. This was…More
  • Mussenden Temple
    This is another travel and lifestyle illustration this time exploring parts of Northern Ireland.  Such a beautiful country although oops I have only been to Ireland! This is called Mussenden…More
  • Monaco/San Marino
    This is another illustration this time exploring other parts of Europe such as San Marino/Monaco.  This illustration depicts a version of the building of Monaco Courthouse. An interesting structure made…More
  • Serrant
    This is an illustration about the castle of Serrant. Another one to add here and great to illustrate this complex illustration! A bit more about Serrant, the château of Serrant…More
  • Łódź
    This is another illustration about great travel destinations! If you are interested in buildings and industrial periods in Europe this could be a great site to visit.  This is in…More
  • Dubrovnik
    This is another illustration! I have made this using a couple of recognisable and stylish buildings from this site to create a composition that reflects this beautiful town in Croatia. …More
  • Normandy and it’s cheese!
    This illustration is about Normandy and it’s famous cheeses. In this illustration The Camembert Museum is portrayed with an old style antique French cheese presse combined with French themed colour…More

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