Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle overlooking River Ness

Another illustration this time Inverness Castle in Scotland! A little more about this castle.

Inverness castle is situated in Inverness Scotland overlooking the highest point of River Ness.

This was made by several architects during the 19th century. Inverness is a bit further north in Scotland and this is known for the many beautiful castles to visit.

This is a red sandstone made castle but originally built by wood. In the place where this castle is situated many other castles have been built before since 1057. The first castle was built by Malcolm Máel Coluim III of Scotland.

It is interesting to say that these castles have been going through many different sieges. This is a newer building of course. This until recently has been used as a Sheriffs court but the plan is to transform it to a new attraction of galleries museums and shops.

It is unfortunately not fully open to the public at this time possibly due to this change. But it still makes a beautiful landmark to visit!

It is great to try another illustration a castle that makes an interesting building rather simple but beautiful. This castle also might have been featured at Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

Another illustration about exploring different places in Europe – at least Europe friendly Scotland and a great idea to visit.

Ellis illustrations all rights reserved.


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